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1 $


Successful team for successful business.

Service 24/7

You do not have to worry for technical maintenance of the equipment.Our team of highly skilled specialists will make scheduled maintenance, and also provide qualified service during unexpected situations.

Remote control

Brand new software equipment gives you a possibility to control remotly working process, availability and consumption of chemical marerials, and your income.

Profitability 130% per year

A unique invention that provides the highest quality result, and attracts customers. Therefore Energywash station"s profitability is much higher than in the competitors.

Secrets of Energywash technology success

Innovative approach - the maximum result

Active foam

The usege of rare liquid detergents

One gun

Full washing with only one gun

No token, only cash

Pay cash near the car

Time and money

You can control the remaining time

Winter for EnergyWash

Working in extreme temperatures

Professional water treatment

No gray stains

Fast start

5 easy steps to start business of your dreams

Reliable Partner - Successful Business

  • Step 1

    Find a land

    First of all you have to choose location site for your planned carwash service. When you choose location site you have to take into account a few things described in our brochure.

  • Step 2

    Franchise Contract

    You never alone. When you sign our franchising contract you will get all the preferences instantly. From this moment our specialists will consult you on every detail of the upcoming construction, launch and maintenance of the carwash. Our experience - from now on is yours.

  • Step 3

    Communication and approvals

    On this stage there is a process of getting technical approvals to connect electricity, water, and water disposal. Also, preparing and receiving all necessary documents to start construction.

  • Slep 4


    We provide detailed project of the Carwash station to start construction works. if you wish, our professional team has a great experience in building this type of station.

  • Step 5

    Equipment Installation

    Our technical team will install hydraulic systems, electrical equipment, all pumps, launch and maitenance.

Major terms

Good name - an invaluable asset

Technology up to scratch

You are being provided with technology up to scratch for reasonable price, which includes full set of equipment with all necessary water treatment systems for unique price.

Service 24/7

Free service maintenance. Permanent quality service of all equipment in order to make it work longer and more profitable


With all advantages of our franchising contract, you pay just 15% of your profit.

Our team made a lot of efforts to make trade mark "Energy Wash" associated with the highest quality. We are proud, we made it. Today our clients appreciate cooperation with us, and we are grateful they keep staying with us. We never stop improving, because our life is like a bike - if you stop spinning pedals, you will fall. Particularly it feels in the world of technologies. Everyday we work very hard to improve existing systems, equip them with additional facilities, improve usage properties, and to create absolutely new, in order to make it easier and more comfortable for our clients. That is why, i offer you to join to our business and to make this world better together."

- Vasyl Kozhushko, CEO EnergyWash